New Beginnings: Moonstone Jewelry Set

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WRIST Size: 5 inch wrist - XS

Introducing the New Beginnings Moonstone Bracelet and Necklace - an exquisite embodiment of renewal, growth, and inner strength. Crafted to evoke the profound magic of the moon, this bracelet channels the energy of new chapters, symbolizing the dawn of fresh opportunities.

Moonstone, known as the "stone for new beginnings," resonates as a powerful catalyst for inner growth and resilience. Since ancient times, it has been revered as a tangible link to the moon's enchantment – an amulet that safeguards travelers, stirs passion in lovers, unveils prophecies, and illuminates the path to wisdom.

Our connection to the moon is primal and profound. Just as it orchestrates the tides and rhythms of Earth, the moon influences our emotions, behaviors, and spiritual evolution. As the moon waxes and wanes, it teaches us the cadence of life itself.

The "New Beginnings Moonstone" bracelet is a stunning fusion of individually hammered sterling silver clasp, ultra-soft dark brown leather, and extraordinary moonstone gemstones. The sterling silver clasp, about 1 inch in size, adds a touch of sophistication and reliability to the bracelet's design.

Embrace the essence of new beginnings, inner growth, and lunar wisdom with the New Beginnings Moonstone Bracelet and Necklace – a symbol of your journey, your strength, and your commitment to harmonizing with the natural rhythms of life.

 Handmade with Love in California. The necklace is about 35 inch in length.