Empowerment Enhancer Tiger Eye Jewelry Set with Wrap Bracelet

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Wrist Size: XS - 5 inch Wrist Size

The Empowerment Enhancer Tiger Eye Jewelry Set is made of a gemstone that embody the strength and confidence of the majestic tiger. This jewelry set features polished Tiger Eye stone, which is known for its unique golden-brown color and distinctive chatoyancy, or "cat's eye" effect.

Tiger Eye is said to enhance personal power, boost self-confidence, and promote courage in the face of adversity. It is also believed to provide mental clarity, improve focus, and help individuals manifest their desires. The Empowerment Enhancer Jewelry Set is designed to embody these qualities and serve as a symbol of personal empowerment and strength. 

The Empowerment Enhancer Jewelry Set is both eye-catching and understated. 

Wearing the Empowerment Enhancer Jewelry Set made of Tiger Eye is a powerful way to connect with your inner strength and confidence. This necklace is a beautiful and meaningful accessory that will appeal to those who seek to enhance their personal power and embody the fearless spirit of the tiger. Whether you're headed to a business meeting or a night out with friends, this necklace will add a touch of sophistication and empowerment to any outfit. 

Handmade with Love in California. On an about 30 inch Tiger Eye  Necklace dangles a double pointed Tiger Eye Crystal pendant (about 1-1.5 inch). The 1.5 inch double pointed crystals hang on a sterling silver hook earring with a Swarovski crystal. Total length is about 2 inch. The wrap bracelet is +/- 27 Inch long. Wear it as a layered bracelet or as a stylish, chick, long necklace - It is up to how do you feel the morning you wake up.  Sterling silver clasp.