Citrine Quartz and Onyx Necklace for Optimism


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Silver Necklace with Citrine Quartz Crystal Sunshine Energy and Onyx for Self Control. 

Carrying the power of the sun,  this is an exceedingly beneficial stone and it looks sophisticated.

Citrine brings success, joy and optimism into your life. Citrine bring happiness and helps people laugh more, as well as feel fundamentally safer and more positive about reality.

Citrine is also a stone that brings hope. Since citrine eliminates negative energies, it is good for protection in general and helps bring stability energetically.

Since citrine brings self-confidence as well as positive energy, it can also help eliminate fears of being judged or of others' ideas. It is also used to dissipate fear of being alone or unworthy of love.

Citrine is a happy stone. It can bring happiness to the person who carries or wears it. Because of its removal of negative energy and its own bring positivity, it can relieve depression, self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings.

Onyx helps one have self-control and anchors one’s flighty energy into a more stable way of life. It is this stone of inner strength and endurance, helping one to carry even the most difficult task to completion. Any sort of things that drains one’s resources such as acquiring a goal, working on self-mastery, a weight loss program, an exercise regime, or even just feeling the need to focus your energy, Onyx is a great stone for that! Onyx is a great stone for someone who has an abundance of ideas, but lacks the discipline to carry those ideas out.

The citrine crystal is about 3/4 inch and the onyx pendant is about 1/2 inch on a silver necklace.

Made with Love in California.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

I have a number of the wrap bracelets which I love. This was the first necklace. It is simple and beautiful. Love it with a white shirt and jeans. All of her pieces are well- made and beautiful. I keep coming back for more!

Thank you! Creating meaningful jewelry keeps me positive ;-)


Love this necklace. The citrine and onyx is beautiful. Just what I needed and everyone always asks me about it. Great quality, the stones are beautiful, made with love!

Awesome Necklace!

I received my necklace today and it exceeded my expectations! It is beautiful and the whole necklace brings me so much joy. The onyx and citrine look amazing together. This was my first Gogh purchase and I am very impressed. I love unique pieces that implement elements of nature like rocks, stones, and minerals.