The Interconnectedness of All Beings Wrap Bracelet

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Wrist Size: XS - 5 inch Wrist

Have you ever stopped to think about how everything in this world is connected? Every person, animal, plant, and even the tiniest microbes are all part of a vast and intricate web of life. The interconnectedness of all beings is a fundamental principle of ecology, and it's something that we should all strive to understand and appreciate.


The interconnectedness of all beings is a fundamental principle of ecology. Every action we take, every decision we make, has ripple effects throughout the entire ecosystem. 🌍🌱🐾

The interconnectedness of all beings applies to humans as well. Our actions and decisions have ripple effects not only on the natural world but also on other people. We are all part of the same web of life, and we depend on each other for survival and well-being. By recognizing our interconnectedness with other humans and with the natural world, we can work together to create a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Jade is a very popular gemstone projecting universal love, health, wealth and long life.

Orange Jade brings joy and teaches the interconnectedness of all beings. It is energetic and quietly stimulating. Said to be a “Very Lucky Stone”, Jade is associated with peace, serenity, memory, harmony and wisdom.

+/- 27 inch long. You can wear it as a wrap bracelet or as a necklace. The beads are about 4mm on sturdy wire, closes with a sterling silver clasp. The charm is also a Jade, 8mm. 

Handmade with Love in California.