I am a ... - Affirmation Wrap Bracelet Combo: I am a Survivor, I am a Warrior, I am a Dreamer, I am Enough.

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Wrist Size: XS - 5 inch Wrist Size

I am a ... - Affirmation Wrap Bracelet Combo: I am a Survivor, I am a Warrior, I am a Dreamer, I am Enough. Buy these 4 bracelets for the price of 3!

I am  Survivor:
Long story short, I survived. I made it through tragedy and terrible circumstance. I made it through the wars I waged in my own head. No matter how impossible it has felt to keep going, I have kept a light on inside because 
I am a survivor, not a victim. This affirmation is for my fellow warriors, light-bringers, and believers in another chance to be new.

I am a Warrior: In life, you’re going to encounter hard times at some point. This means you must be prepared to endure pain and find solutions at any moment. You must develop the mental toughness of a warrior that will enable you to face and overcome any challenge or adversity life throws at you. You are the hero of your life and those you care about. Therefore, you have to develop a warrior mindset and learn to grow from pain, setbacks, failures, obstacles, challenges, losses, and all the hard times in your life.

I am a Dreamer: Every great accomplishment begins with a dream, a vision that motivates us to shape our thoughts into a powerful reality. From the cars we drive to the shows we stream, passionate dreamers create many of the things we enjoy in life. That’s why your dreams are important. With a little imagination and a lot of drive, you have the power to contribute to the world, or even change it. So, be a dreamer!

I am Enough: Acceptance doesn’t mean not to strive to be greater. There’s a subtle but essential distinction. If you strive for more without accepting yourself in the absence of what you think you lack then you will never have enough no matter how much you gain, and you will always feel “less than” because your worth will be dependent upon whether you gain what you think you lack. By accepting yourself right now, as you are, you can and will still strive to grow, but that striving will come from a place of wholeness, not a place of insufficiency. And when you truly can believe ‘I am enough’, you will absolutely be pulled toward growth and expansion because that’s human nature. But you will do it from a place of power, not a place of powerlessness. And that is the secret to lasting, true growth and progress.

The sterling silver hand stamped charm is about 1/2 inch. The wrap bracelet is +/- 27 inch long. Wear it as a long necklace or as a wrap bracelet!

 Handmade with Love in California.