Zodiac Signs and Crystals

Zodiac Signs and Crystals


The world of crystals is very fascinating and there is a lot to explore. Crystals are a group of minerals; very simply put, they are beautiful, semi-rare stones. Some are clear, some are colorful and some are dark.

Each crystal has different properties, so the correct use of them can help us reach our goals more easily and with greater awareness, or to work on some issues and again to improve our days from a psycho-physical point of view.

We can use these stones to create a sense of being grounded and focused on what we want to achieve.

Although stones are used as an alternative to medicine, there is no scientific proof they work. Equally, studies have proved that it has to do more with our relationship to the crystal, than the crystal itself. Ultimately crystals are as individual in their potential effect as the person using them.

If we feel that the crystal is helping, it’s always worth using it.

Gemstones work but they are not magic. The healing energy is inside us; their role is to help us focus, relax and find it.

The best way to use the stones is to first identify what we need.

Our need will direct us to the correct choice.

Picking a stone might take some time, knowing that some stones are more in tune with us than others might help in our selection.

Each zodiac sign has a natural affinity with certain crystals and stones, and these combinations can generate a powerful and magical exchange of energies.

Once we have the stone we feel the most affinity with, we need to set the intention. Clearly.

Stones emit vibrations. It is natural to think that the bigger the stone, the better the results. That said, bigger doesn’t always mean better. A bigger stone might produce higher energy, but if we want to wear it or carry it with us, smaller is good. Smaller stones fit better in our day-to-day lives. We can elect to wear them in form of jewelry.

Some of us love to sit with the stone closer to the area we intend to affect; some might like to hold and feel the stone as they meditate or go about their day. Their vibrations will go through our body, and affect it as much as our nervous system but it will be different for each one of us.

When we select a stone, here is a good tip to keep in mind: despite the matches between gems and zodiac signs, we don’t have to be limited to just one. For example, if we need to focus on confidence and we are not an Aries, Tiger Eye can still help.

Have fun pairing your stones with your sign, but let your need and your intention speak to you about the ones that vibrates the closest to your nature.

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    Pat: February 01, 2023

    I was so happy to read correspondence about crystals. I don’t wear brackets, earrings or necklace. But I want something for Virgo and confidence.

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