What does the ocean mean to you, and what does it bring to your life?

What does the ocean mean to you, and what does it bring to your life?


The ocean is a powerful conduit for spiritual energy and life energy, a beautiful ecosystem that speaks to me on many levels. The ocean is my Shangri-la.

The ocean represents absolute freedom to me. Outside of space, there is no other place where one can experience weightlessness and truly go with the flow. Once I adjust for neutral buoyancy and my body does not weigh me down, neither the equipment keeps me on the surface – I find myself in a meditative state.

I marvel Mother Nature’s creativity, the colorful and even bizarre critters. As time passes, my mind tunes out the every-day-thoughts and I truly enjoy each and every moment.

Sometimes I see exciting animals, such as sharks, dolphins or octopus, dive ship wrecks or under ice. But, even a dive in a murky lake with nothing really to see - fills my soul with the energy of the water.    

Being underwater is like living in another dimension of my life. Beneath the water is actually the one place where I can switch off my mind and not think. Some call it a meditation 😉

Zero Waste lifestyle

 Empowerment through teaching people scuba diving and the  ocean inspired jewelry I create - has always been important for me. It’s all about being confident in your own skin and not to yearn to be someone else, live somewhere else or look like somebody famous...

When I teach someone to breathe underwater and they experience the state of weightlessness, I open a door in their mind. After you scuba dive, you will never think the same way about Mother Nature and the possibilities in your life than before you swam underwater.

Educating people on the importance of the oceans in our lives is something I am very passionate about. That is why I created a line of jewelry, the Zero Waste Collection that repurposes scuba diving parts into an expression of our love for the ocean and scuba divers.

Sustainable fashion is possible when artisans consider closing the waste loop. I am diverting as much waste as possible from ending up in landfills.

By creating jewelry from usually discarded bits of rubber and plastic and by sourcing my materials locally or when I am already traveling, I feel like I am making a small but significant step towards a cleaner ocean and a healthier world.

Zero Waste Collection

 Ocean Collection

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