The Power of Affirmations

The Power of Affirmations


Affirmations can have a powerful effect on our mental health and well being. They can leave an imprint on the subconscious mind, which can lend a hand in actualizing our desires and manifesting our beliefs into our day-to-day lives. In other words, if you believe something enough, it becomes a part of your reality and can change your life (for better or for worse). 

For example, if you think positive thoughts and affirm that you're worthy of love and success, more opportunities for love and success present themselves to you. Alternatively, if you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself, you may engage in more self-destructive behaviors or find yourself in bad health. 


What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement, typically in the first person, that is designed to create self-improvement. Statements such as "I am enough" may help reduce stress and actualize a higher sense of self-worth. Others, such as "I am a warrior" or "I am a survivor," might give you strength or patience during difficult times.

I am who I am

Positive affirmations work by doing three things. First, they allow us to maintain a good narrative about ourselves (or self-identity), one that is moral, flexible, and can handle stressful situations. Secondly, keeping our self-identity helps us understand what we value and why. And lastly, these affirmations can change our behaviors because we wish to be as the statements say. 

As an example, if you affirm daily "I am kind," it is because you identify as a kind person, and wish to be more compassionate towards others. And if you tell yourself you are kind, you are more likely to be more helpful to people. You may find yourself buying some food for the homeless man down the street, or signing that petition, instead of looking down at the ground and minding your own business. 


Wearing Your Affirmations on a Bracelet, Affirmation Jewelry 

I often use affirmations to promote better wellness in my self, both mentally and physically. I am often inspired by the declarations I use daily to maintain a positive outlook on life. That is why I have created a line of positive affirmation jewelry with daily positive affirmations to help others achieve the same balance and wellness in their lives. 


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