The Importance of Self Love

Szilvia Gogh

Posted on January 30 2020

The Importance of Self Love


Of all the personal journeys you must take, the path to loving one's self can be the most challenging. Unfortunately, many people don't get the unconditional love they seek from external entities. Even families of blood relation can be bad at teaching us what love is and how to love ourselves. But the world of science can confirm that self-love is an essential piece to becoming successful and having successful relationships. 

Taking Care of You

Loving yourself sets you up to do the thingsthat are best for you and make healthy choices. You are more likely to develop good habits and break bad ones. You are also more likely to take charge of more positive opportunities in your career, relationships, and personal goals. When you know you are worth all the things you want in life, you won't be held back by insecurities or imposter syndrome

Self-love can also give us the ability to look inward and provide a space for self-reflection. We can see our weaknesses and strengths objectively and are better equipped to do something about both. 

Self Love Isn't Always About Yourself

You may think of self-love as something that is selfish or indulgent, but that is not its importance. It is tough to love others selflessly and unconditionally when you are incapable of loving who you are. So loving yourself is, in the end, about finding a way to love others and to strengthen your relationships with family, friends, and lovers. 

Self-love is also not the same as narcissism, arrogance, or conceit. It is about knowing your worth so that you can set boundaries in your relationships. When you do something out of guilt, or to please others, you are placing more value on their needs than your own. 

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How To Practice Self Love

Love is a verb, and self-love involves action. Take a moment each day to be present and focus on yourself, whether that is meditation or yoga, a hot bath, or some downtime with a good book. Also, try to do some mental work. Stop comparing yourself to others, surround yourself with others who are good to you, and decide to accept those parts of yourself that you aren't very fond of. 

Self-love can be a challenge, so I designed a line of jewelry that focuses on the power of love and self-love, acceptance. These pieces can be a daily reminder to love oneself and others with compassion and grace. So love who you are, and become the best version of yourself!

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