Gain the Power of Positive Thinking With Visualization Boards

Gain the Power of Positive Thinking With Visualization Boards


Did you ever plan your whole life out as a kid? Maybe you imagined your dream job, your perfect wedding, or what your ideal family might be. It's a typical mental habit to visualize what we want. And not just what we want but how we want it. And although many of us do it consciously, by using a visualization board, you can practice this mental trick daily to help you achieve your goals and the things you want in life. 

What is A Visualization Board?

Visualization boards are powerful tools for a positive mindset and for focusing your mind on what you want to achieve. It's a collection of images, quotes, and small items that help you imagine what it is you want and the life you want to live. You can create one large board, or have a few smaller ones that focus on more specific goals. 

How to Create A Visualization Board

1) Start with A Meditation Session

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take deep and steady breaths and focus your mind. To find your center, you can try to chant "Ohm" until you clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. With your eyes still closed, imagine what you want. Not just material things (although that is good too), but how you will feel once you achieve your goals. Try to visualize your emotions in the form of colors, shapes, or places. 

Ask yourself these questions: Where do you want to travel next? What behavioral change could help your body, mind, and spirit? What could you study next year to exercise your brain? Who would you like to meet? What is your dream job? These questions will bring answers that you want to include in your Vision Board. And by visualizing, you will do the necessary steps in order to achieve them. Because just wanting something isn't enough. You actually have to do the work to make these dreams come true!

2) Collect your Supplies

Now it's time to gather the supplies you'll need to make a visualization board. You'll obviously need a board, like a cork bulletin board or magnetic board. You'll also need things like tape, pins, and any other craft items that will help you piece your board together. 

3) Research and Collect Items

Next is the items that will go on your board. Find quotes or words that convey the emotions you want to be feeling when you achieve the life you want. Find photos or pictures of what you want, or that have the color palettes that you like. Collect small items like flowers, trinkets, paint swatches, and anything else you think will help you visualize your intentions. Once you've found a few things to start off with, arrange them on your board and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Someplace like the bedroom, kitchen, or a home office. 

4) Keep Adding and Adjusting

Inspiration comes when it comes, and your board might develop and evolve over time. That's ok, and in fact, it's essential to know that you can't truly visualize a goal in one sitting. When you see something that reminds you of your goal or inspires you, grab it, and set it aside to place on your board. Eventually, your board will not only inspire you, but the vision will become more evident. This clarity is what will help you succeed!

Virtual Visualization Boards

In this article, I discussed the way to make a physical board that you can have in your home or office space. But you can also use virtual boards to help you gather ideas or to save space. Online platforms like Pinterest are a great way to create an online collection of visualization boards for you to use whenever you need to be inspired. Of course, the downside of this is that it won't be a physical thing that you will be forced to look at every day, so to make it truly work in your favor, you'll need to remind yourself regularly to browse your boards or add to them. 

A visualization board can give you a small window into your future dreams come true. Make one today and see the difference it makes!

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