Ignite Your Spark

Ignite Your Spark


Have you ever felt as if you have lost your motivation? You may see others producing and creating and feel like you cannot get out of your routine. You feel uninterested, perhaps bored, simply put, in a rut.

It is common for even highly motivated people to find that the spark is gone. I will be honest, I usually feel it right after the holiday season. The months before I am busy creating empowering jewelry gift sets and shipping them out so people wear jewelry that help focus their intentions.

One moment we feel we are on top of the world, and the next, we realize we have lost that feeling and cannot take it back. Perhaps mixed with the feeling of being burned out. By mid-January I usually feel a strong exhaustion and not sure how can I come up with new designs for the coming Spring and Summer.

One of the issues might be that we are always trying to find the next big goal, the next significant achievement or project and if we cannot focus on one, we feel completely lost.

If we, instead, focus on making small, daily goals, we will find that each one is a step out of the funk.

To find those small daily goals, we should pay attention and reflect on the moments we find joy and contentment during each day. I find that fresh air and exercise is what I need.

Sparks can be found in the tiniest of places, in the smallest of actions; reading a book in the silence of the home before anyone gets up, going for a walk, writing a journal. I walk outside into my garden to gather greens I grow for my salad. During these moments I often encounter a colibri flying by or witness that another flower has bloomed since the day before.

Routine and overpacked life can sometimes kill our spark and take energy away from us. The common suggestion is to go and do something new, something we have never done before. When in new places and experiences, it’s easier to find that spark again; as regular life and work of repetitive actions require more effort.

In times of facing obstacles on my path, I remind myself to just breathe... Paying attention to your breathing is one of the fastest ways to become calm, centered, and energized. The key is to breathe fully, deeply and slowly at intervals throughout the day to help balance your body mind and spirit.

One of the easiest methods to create energy in what appears a groundhog day is paying attention to the things we are curious about and acting upon them; it could be as easy as asking a question and clicking on links to find out more about what we want to know.

There are many little sparks of energy and joy happening in our days. Developing the capability to find them will increase our well-being and our confidence. We might even see ourselves doing things we once found hard to address or have been staring at us for quite some time from our Visualization Board. 😉

For the Ignite Your Spark Manifestation Box I prepared you tools and the best crystals to help ignite (or re-ignite) your spark.

Stay strong, stay positive! Love, Szilvia

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