Seahorse Charm Necklace with Abalone

Seahorse Silver EP Ocean Charm Necklace with Abalone and Lapis Lazuli Charms on Silver Necklace
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Seahorse Silver EP Ocean Charm Necklace with Abalone and Lapis Lazuli Charms on Silver Necklace

Seahorses are truly unique, and not just because of their unusual equine shape. Unlike most other fish, they are monogamous and mate for life. Rarer still, they are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young.

Some call the Abalone's iridescent shell lining Mother of Pearl (which is what the lining of the oyster is also called). This lustrous lining is made of alternating layers of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. Abalone shell lining has been highly prized by jewelry makers for centuries; perhaps because it reminds us of the beauties of the ocean on a sunny day. 

Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of truth, as it brought you to see yourself for what you really are, and at the same time helps you to accept those parts of yourself that you may see as undesirable. The Philosopher's Stone is supposed to bring self awareness, enlightenment, and to open the mind to all astral possibilities. Lapis is very well known for its purifying and healing abilities.

Simply cool beach jewelry. The silver EP oseahorse charm is about 1 inch long.

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