Copper Bronze Wrap Bracelet with Ohm Charm

Copper Bronze Wrap Bracelet with Ohm Charm
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Positive Energy Yoga Wrap Bracelet with Ohm Charm, Copper Bronze Crystal, 27 Inch long.

Wear it as a layered bracelet or as a stylish, chick, long necklace. It is up to how do you feel the morning you wake up.  

Our spiritual jewelry is also wearable for your day-to-day events. Each piece of yoga jewelry is designed with traditional methods of minding chakras and gemstone healing.

While you are wearing your crystals as jewelry, the crystal vibrations work continuously on your imbalances.

The color brown is a serious, down-to-earth color signifying stability, structure and support.

Relating to the protection and support of the family unit, with a keen sense of duty and responsibility, brown takes its obligations seriously. It encourages a strong need for security and a sense of belonging, with family and friends being of utmost importance.

In the meaning of colors, brown is the color of material security and the accumulation of material possessions.

In color psychology, brown is honest, genuine and sincere. It relates to the hardworking, the industrious and reliable, with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

To complete this piece, we added the 1/2 inch gold plated OHM charm. Known as "The Mother of all Mantras. The four parts symbolize four stages of consciousness: Awake, Sleeping, Dreaming, and a Trance or Transcendental state.

Handmade with Love in California.

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